Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Outlaw Volleyball Butt Shots

Day 4 of our 5 day look at beach volleyball games continues today with another look at a great butt shot video game. We've already looked at the game once before, but more great butt shots require a second look. The game is Outlaw Volleyball.
Here we get a good look at Harley's booty as she preps for the game to begin.
Another action butt shot shows Shawnee getting the block ready.
Donna shows off her backside in some tight pink shorts.
Harley, the farmer's daughter, in her cut-off overalls that are so short they make Daisy Duke's shorts seem like long pants.
Lizzie - AKA the Scary Looking One.
Lizzie. She's got a cute butt, but looks like she wants to bite the head off of a bat while on stage with Ozzy Osbourne.
Shawnee - Best thong bikini in any beach volleyball video game
Summer - We've seen her before in the previous Outlaw Volleyball post, and also in the Outlaw Golf post. She likes to show off her booty in really skimpy clothes.

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