Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Viewer Love: Street Fighter II Cammy

Another shout out today to one of our followers who has linked our blog to his. Today we thank Infinitys End and his blog on the Destructoid network for including some of our pictures and a link to our site on his post about "The REAL Top Ten Best Assess in Gaming" As thanks to him, we are linking back to his post, and including a great butt shot picture of Cammy from Street Fighter II that he has posted on his site. Thanks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

NeoGaf Butt Shots

Continuing our trend of returning some of the love that we have received from you, our viewers, today we have a link to a discussion thread on NeoGAF.com. I think the thread is now locked, but it started out as a comparison discussion of the differences between the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII, and turned into a Booty Fest with plenty of links and praise geared towards our site. So we will return the favor, with a link to the thread, and we will post some of the great butt shot pictures contributed by the forum members at NeoGAF.

User ULTROS! posted a close up shot of some butt pockets from Uncharted 2. 
User Chandoog posted a collection of cheeks from Mass Effect 2... Nothing like some tight spandex spacesuits to bring out the highlights in the posterior





Forum user Ducarmel provided some great spanking pictures of Soul Calibur 2 with Link riding on top of Ivy, Taki and Talim, smacking their rears with his sword.



Thanks a bunch to the great forum members of NeoGAF for linking to our site. We appreciate all the love you send us.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Street Fighter: Chun Li Butt Shot

For today's post, we thought we would start a trend of sending some love out to some of the people who have given us some love. You know, you scratch our back, we'll give you some backside. I think that's how that saying goes... Anyway, today we send some love to MAYORMCHEESE of newgrounds.com. According to Mr. Mayor, we are "the greatest site of all time". Thanks, dude! And to go along with MCHEESE's honor, we have thrown in the butt shot from his site for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 7 Butt Shots

Day 7 of our Rumble Roses Week closes out the week with some more Butt Shots from Dixie Clemets and Reiko, as well as some other of the women from the game.

Dixie, in her playboy bunny costume, takes the fight to the streets with Candy Cane, both showing their butts for  the player.
Dixie wraps up Candy Cane on the mat, while they both flash their undies.
Candy Cane prepares to smash her guitar and spank Dixie's backside, while Aisha's butt cheeks wait.
Dixie takes her butt to the streets again to battle with Reiko.
A brutal clothes line, but a sweet butt shot.
Reiko's cheeks peek out from her shorts and hover over Dixie's head.
Dixie returns the favor by hovering her butt on top of Reiko.
Dixie and Reiko join forces to flip Candy Cane.
Dixie's large booty prepares to land on Reiko.
Reiko takes her butt to the skies after being flipped by Dixie.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 6 Butt Shots

Day 6 of our Rumble Roses week is a collection of random butt shots from some of the random characters of the game. Lets get started.

Butt shot in a school girl outfit.
Sista A does a flying cartwheel butt shot while trying to avoid getting kicked in the head
Aigle makes her way to the ring, while wearing her super small trunks.
Anesthesia, in her flight attendant outfit, wraps up Noble Rose into a small package which leaves her booty up in the air.
Benikage makes her way to the ring in a rush, and her butt cheeks peak out from her thong.
Another butt shot of Benikage in the foreground. This time she's wearing a nylon mesh cat suit.
Benikage gets bent in half by Reiko, leaving her booty up in the air.
Candy Cane tries to defend an attack from Dixie and her bloomers.
Aisha shows off her backside in a bikini, thong, kind of outfit.
A random butt in a black outfit.
More butt cheeks.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 5 Butt Shots

Day 5 of Rumble Roses Week features more great butt shots of that Texas Cowgirl, Dixie Clemets. Whether in her jewel studded cowboy chaps, or her cow print cowboy chaps, Dixie's butt just seems to shine through like few others.

Dixie's bottom, through her studded chaps, gets ready to flip Benikage, the female ninja, onto the ground.
Benikage retaliates on Dixie with her own butt cheeks squeezed into a tight ninja suit.
Benikage shows of some side cheeks as she spars with Dixie.
Benikage tries to sweep Dixie off her feet.
Dixie retaliates with her own leg sweep attempt.
Dixie Clemets battles her evil clone to determine who has the better backside... it's cow prints vs rhinestones.
Rhinestone's butt sweeps her leg to the right, butt Cowprint's butt is still standing.
Dixie's cow print booty is right in your face in this shot.
Another cow print Dixie butt shot.
Not only does Dixie battle her evil twin in Rumble Roses, she also reveals her great butt cheeks while battling a Panda (?). Well, a buttshot is a buttshot.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 4 Butt Shots

Day 4. Our week long coverage of the Rumble Roses franchise of games continues today with Day 4. Day 4 features some booty pics of Evil Rose and Sista A.

Evil Rose dresses up like a she-devil, complete with pointed tail and horns. Her tail dangles right through the middle of her butt crack accentuating her bare cheeks.
Evil Rose tears through the fabric of space and time to get to the ring.
Evil Rose's round cheeks are the only part of her body that aren't covered in red latex.
Evil Roses flashes her bottom as she lays a drop kick on Anesthesia.
Check out the round mounds of Evil Rose's behind as she prepares to perform a backwards flip body slam on to Dr. Cutter.
Anesthesia retaliates from the drop kick above with her own butt shot and kick to the face of Evil Rose.

The second vixen of Rumble Roses featured today on Day 4 is Sista A. Sista A is the alter ego of Aisha, and likes to dance. She entered the Rumble Roses tournament so she could dance on stage. Here she is performing an Arabian Nights dance.
Sista A gives a glimpse of her right cheek...
and her left cheek...
and now both cheeks.
Sista A's bottom cleavage can be seen below her skirt.
Sista A takes a nap in preparation for her wrestling match

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