Sunday, July 13, 2008

Resident Evil Buttshots

The Resident Evil are the original "Survivor Horror" games that will scare the pants off of you if you get too intensely into the games. It's a good thing that the games feature a good share of bootyfull women to help ease the intensity of the zombie slaying action. Below are just a few of the heroine booties that the Umbrella Corporation would love to zombify.

Ada Wong, getting ready to slay some zombies in her evening gown

Clair Redfield showing her end, at the end of Resident Evil 2.

The Clair Redfield character model. The cutoff jeans make her butt stand out just slightly more than if she wasn't wearing them

A couple of costume variations for Jill Valentine from the remake original Resident Evil.

Clair Redfield, kicking some zombie butt and showing off her own butt hugging jeans in Code Veronica.

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