Thursday, July 3, 2008

Outlaw Volleyball Butt Shots

From the creators of the butt shot filled Outlaw Golf game comes the sport sequel featuring the same trailer park hot girls playing a new sport in skimpy clothing.

You know the game will be filled with gratuitous butt shots when the package for the game has a butt shot on the front cover
Summer, from the Outlaw Golf game, makes a return in her short shorts to play some volleyball.
Summer taking a breather and showing off her buns in the heat.
Summer gets ready to bump the ball to set up the spike, while showcasing her posterior curves.
Getting ready to serve and showing her butt.
The ball appears to be on fire and the butt appears to be wedgied.
This player would get a reaction from a lot of people in a thong like that.
Buttcheeks and a volleyball.

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