Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soul Calibur Talim Butt Shots

We've already featured Ivy Valentine on this site, now it's time to feature another Soul Calibur fighter. This time around we feature the Butt Shot spotlight on the rear of Talim.

Here Is Ivy, taking exception to us including Talim on this site. She claims that no fighters' butt is as good as hers.

I'm pretty sure this is a genuine piece of fan art and not official Namco promotional materials. Either way, it is one heck of a great butt shot.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dungeon Keeper 2 Butt Shot

Dungeon Keeper is a PC strategy game released by Bullfrog Productions in July 1997. The game puts the player into the role of the "dungeon keeper": instead of valiantly storming a dungeon like a hero, killing monsters, and taking the treasures, the player builds the dungeons, recruits the monsters, sets the traps, and fends off the (computer-controlled) heroes that regularly attempt to breach the dungeon, as well as other dungeon keepers.

The advertisements and wallpapers for the game featured a "Mistress" character wearing leather and showing off a very curvy booty shot. That picture is below.

As with all pictures on this blog, feel free to click on this picture for a larger view.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leisure Suit Larry Butt Shots

Leisure Suit Larry has always pushed the envelope of sexuality in gameplay and situations. From the early exploits of Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards to the latest incarnation of Magna Cum Laude, Larry has always tried to get lucky with the ladies. As a result, the ladies have frequently been scantily clad and the buttshots have been fairly plentiful. Here are a collection of buttshots from the newer Leisure Suit Larry games.

This shot is from Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail, and has Larry trying to score with chicks while on a cruise. Larry's not so lucky as his "date" has handcuffed him to the bed. But at least we get to see her butt through the see-thru pants.

The latest Leisure Suit Larry game has the nephew of the original Larry trying his luck at school. The game was released for the Xbox, PS2, and PC platforms. Here is a mock DVD cover for the Xbox game disc. You know the game is going to be good when the DVD has a sweet buttshot on it.

Our hero Larry prepares for his day in his apartment... He apparently likes to sleep in the nude. Larry's friend Sally comes over to show Larry her new tight pants.
Below are a few of the promotional pictures for some of the girls featured in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. This is Barbra Jo Bimbo showing off her butt cheeks under her skirt.
Blizarbra Smith shows off her red lace underwear buttshot.
Charlotte gets her camo ready to play in the Jungle in her nice green shorts.
Sally Mae Beauregard shows some good old "Southern Hospitality" as she flashes her butt cleavage underneath her short "Daisy Duke" shorts
Zena (seen above on the mock DVD cover) bends over to give a little show under her skirt.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mona Sax Butt Shots

Mona Sax is the tragic love interest of Max Payne in the Max Payne series of games that appeared on the PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox. In the second Max Payne game, Max stumbles on Mona during a case and aids her repeatedly instead of turning her over to the police, though he is repeatedly warned. Mona teams up with Max at various points in the game and is a playable character for four missions. During a section of the second game, there is a cut scene where Mona is in the shower. The developers of the game actually created a nude character model for Mona to use in the scene.

The developers also created a way for players to use the nude Mona model. To access her add "-developerkeys" to the command line parameters (example: "C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys) and start the game. Once in the game, press [page up] or [page down] to cycle through the available character models until you find the one of Mona. You are then free to take as many Butt Shots of Mona's bare bottom as you like. The first three pictures below are screenshots taken my me, the last one was found on the internet.

Mona makes her way through the hospital showing off her shiny butt. (Her character model appears wet, as she is supposed to be in the shower.)

A little trigger happy, Mona fires her guns while flashing her bum.

Outside the hospital, Mona looks for a ride. I don't think she'll have too hard of a problem finding one.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lineage 2 Butt Shots

I know absolutely nothing about lineage as a video game. All I know is I found these nice butt shot picture of Lineage characters, so I decided to post them. Here is a brief writeup of Lineage II from Wikipedia...
"Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne is a fantasy massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for the PC, and a prequel set 150 years before Lineage.

Players create a character as their avatar in the game's medieval-style virtual world. Humans, Elves and Dark Elves start off in the Kingdom of Aden while Dwarves and Orcs start off in the Kingdom of Elmore (Elmore was an entirely different continent until recent versions of the game that have since joined Elmore to Aden). Players can choose from either fighter or mystic professions at the start, except for Dwarves and Kamaels which are only able to select the fighter profession. This choice acts as an archetype for later profession options. Each race has its own set of classes, even if humans, elves and darkelves have a lot of classes which are very similar to their counterparts in the other two races."

And now, the Buttshots. Here is one of the elf characters from lineage showing off her elvish booty.

Here is another Elvish booty. This one is entrapped in lace underwear.

A human Lineage character with her own butt wear.

Another human character with her underwear like attire.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wii Fit Butt Shots

You're probably expecting to find picture of hot chicks in tight underwear shaking their butts while playing Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii. You can look for those picture here, but we don't have any... yet. This blog is about video game butt shots, so we decided to put up butt shots from within the Wii Fit video game. Here are some pictures from the yoga tutorial in Wii Fit.

The important thing to remember is to wear tight pants that accentuate your lower assets.

When bending over, be sure there is someone behind you to get a good look at your behind.
This position is called the jackknife.

Don't salute the sun for too long, or else you'll get a blue glow that will emit from your back.

Be sure to try out all these moves from Wii Fit, and be sure to show off your butts while you do it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soul Calibur Ivy Butt Shots

Ivy Valentine is one of the fighters of the Soul Calibur series of games. She is probably most known for her increasing breast size and reduced clothing as she has progressed from Soul Calibur 1 to Soul Calibur 4. Maybe not quite as famous is her 'wedgie' style fighting attire, that provides several good butt shots. Below are a few of those shots from the Soul Calibur games.

Ivy uses a chain sword to fight off her opponents. It's very effective.

Ivy backs up to the camera to show off her cheeks

A higher resolution butt shot. I believe this picture is from Soul Calibur 4.

Friday, July 18, 2008

King of Fighters - Mai Shiranui Animated Butt Shots

The King of Fighters games were originally released for the NeoGeo systems but eventually made their way to the Playstation 2. They featured sprite based characters similar to the Street Fighter style of characters. One thing they had that Street Fighter didn't have was jiggly breasts and flashes of bare butt cheeks. One character in particular that had bouncy boobs and a nice butt was Mai Shiranui. Below is an enlarged animated picture of her fighting stance. You can see how her animations could be a bit of a distraction for any prepubescent teen.
Mai Shiranui Animated boob jiggle

Not only do Mai's breasts jiggle, but apparently her butt cheeks jiggle as well. Check out her bouncy booty animations below.

In addition to jiggly breasts and bouncy butt cheeks, Mai also likes to go commando for her fighting matches. Here is one of Mai's victory poses where she flashes her backside to the sore loser (big winner for any one else watching though.)
Mai Shiranui animated Butt shot
Mai also has some acrobatic skills that she shows off during her fighting matches. Here she defys gravity by bouncing off the walls and ceiling and then showcases her butt for all to see.
Mai Shiranui animated Butt shot
Note: All these images have been enlarged to show greater butt detail. They appear a bit pixelated as a result. Click on each image to see them in original size.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dreamfall - Zoe Butt Shots

I'm not at all familiar with the game Dreamfall, nor it's predecessor The Longest Journey. They came out for the Xbox and PC a few years back. What I do know is that in Dreamfall, one of the main characters, Zoe, spends a bit of time walking around in her underwear. This leads to some pretty great butt shots, and therefore it leads to a post on this blog.

Zoe takes a stroll in her unmentionables on the patio of her home in Casablanca.
Stange events have been occuring that lead Zoe into the mix of mutliple realities

Here is a breif summary of the game that I found on the internet:

"For those who haven't played The Longest Journey, the premise is that the Earth we know is actually only half the story of the universe. Our scientific Earth's true name is Stark, and its reality is mirrored in another dimension by a magical Earth called Arcadia. The game concerns a young woman named April Ryan who lives on Stark in the 23rd century. When a disaster throws the balance between the scientific and magical Earths out of whack, it's up to April to step in and restore equilibrium between the two universes."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tekken Nina Butt Shot

Nina is one of the female fighters from the Playstation fighting series Tekken. She had rivalries with her sister Anna throughout the various Iron Fist Tournaments that took place. She also starred in her own action game titled "Death by Degrees". Here is a great butt shot of Nina as she prepares for the next Iron Fist Tournament.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rumble Roses - Dixie Clemets Butt Shots

Rumble Roses was a video game that took the WWE and subtracted out all the testosterone, leaving you with hot girls that wanted to beat each other up. A much better representation of beauty than G.L.O.W. (the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), Rumble Roses had its fair share of babes that had great butts. Today we're going to take a closer look at one of the Roses from the ring, Dixie Clemets.

A southern belle, Dixie likes to parade around in her cowboy hat and cow print chaps.
Here Dixie checks out the ring ropes to make sure she can kick some butt against them. Feel free to check out her butt while she works.
I'm pretty sure Dixie has never had any problems getting someone to stop for her while hitchhiking.
In the match of the evening, Dixie prepares to take on Reiko. Lets take a comparison to see who's got the better butt. Reiko has the lower cheeks sneaking out from her short shorts.
But it appears that Dixie has a better showing of cheek, therefore round 1 goes to Dixie.
In a show of strength, Dixie power bombs Reiko and both butts get another chance to shine.
In retaliation, Reiko folds Dixie in half in a suplex manoeuvre
Not to be outdone, Dixie tosses Reiko backwards for one final butt shot.
Winner of the match... Dixie.

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