Thursday, September 25, 2008

Killer Instinct 2 - B. Orchid Animated Butt Shot.

Black Orchid, the stealth assassin participating in the Ultratech tournament, has some pretty swift moves to her fighting style. One move has her performing a handstand helicopter spinning kick to her opponent's face. Her sweet booty, and small thong-like costume provide for some great butt shots, as seen below.

Animated butt shot action as Orchid puts the kick to Sabrewulf
Killer Instinct 2 Orchid Animated Butt Shot

Orchid helicopter kicks Jago in the face. Her giant round butt cheeks squeeze through her thong body suit.

Orchid knocks Jago back with a kick and a full on moon from her backside.

Great side cheek action.


Anonymous said...

I hope they make A Killer Instinct 3 with Black Orchid in it, and Keep her Stacked with Big Booty, and Full DD Chest. Superstar Raven-Symone' looks a lot like her, and is 23 Today B. Orchid's Age in the 1st Killer Instinct Game.

Keeper said...

poor Sabrewulf

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