Monday, September 15, 2008

Bikini Karate Babes Butt Shots

Bikini Karate Babes is another game that sounds good in theory, but plays like crap in practice. It provides Mortal Kombat 1 like digitized graphics of real women in real bikinis, but the fighting mechanics of the game are flawed. Of course if anyone is actually going to shell out money for this game, they're obviously not buying it for the enriching gameplay. The game does have eye-candy a plenty, even if the graphics are grainy, and great special moves like the Bikini Whip, Cup Holder and Topless Tranny. Here are some butt shots gathered from the game.

A promtional poster for the game featuring Venus.
A screen shot of Venus attacking Venus with the Bikini Whip special move.
Venus performs her Cup Holder special move on Aphrodite
Venus prepared to Whip her Bikini at Aphrodite.
Aphrodite moons all as she prepares for her Topless Tranny special move.
Aphrodite again provides a great butt shot as she finishes her Topless Tranny special move.

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