Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Dead Island Zombie Butt Shots

Happy Halloween everyone! We are going to celebrate the ghoulish holiday today by posting up some bikini butt shot pictures of some zombies from the Dead Island game. Dead Island is a first person horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It is centers on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat. Players wake up in a resort hotel room to find that an infection has taken over the small resort island, turning bikini clad beach babes into boil infested, flesh eating zombies.At least the zombies still have decent, albeit dead and decaying, backsides to gaze at.

The player takes out one zombie with a head shot while the bikini booty zombie attacks another resort resident.

This infected bikini babe runs down the beach looking for survivors to attack.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tabula Rasa Butt Shots

Tabula Rasa literally translates as "blank slate" and is the name of an MMORGP developed by destination games and published by NCSoft. The game was released in 2007 and the servers were subsequently shut down in February 2009. The game had a large expansive universe to explore, and characters with form fitting clothes.

This player surveys a forest village in her booty tight jeans.
This player takes a bit of a water break at the waterfall showers in her underwear.
One of the games NPC (non-playable characters) in Tabula Rasa was a girl by the name of Sarah Morrison. We've shown Sarah and her ample chest on our Video Game Chest sister site, but we also have a nice leather formed backside picture of Sarah for your enjoyment below.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Viewer Submission - X-Blades Ayumi

One of our loyal fans by the name of Dion, who has submitted butt shots to us here and here, sent us another fine set off butt cheeks via e-mail the other day... One problem, though, was that we had already set up a draft X-Blades post of our own with our own images we had gathered. We noticed that our images were the same as some of those same images that were contributed. Not wanting to feel like we were ripping off one of our viewers without giving them credit, we put up our post of images yesterday mentioning that there would be more X-Blades images to come today. So today we present the whole butt load of images that were sent into us by Dion, as well as a few of his captions and comments. (Dion's comments are in this font)

This contribution "Ayumi" from the hack-n-slash game "X-Blades" (2009) for XBox 360, PS3, and PC. "X-Blades" was made by Russian game developer "Gaijin Entertainment". It is essentially the P.N.03 of hack-n-slashes, ass obsession and all.

There is a series re-boot called "Blades of Time" coming out Q1 of 2012.

OMG, Becky, look at her...blades.
 Official Ayumi render. I think a lot of time went into rendering her round rump
Dion tells us he captured these screenshots from his Xbox and PC. That's some amazing dedication on his part.

Ayumi keeps her butt safe from the foreboding skull on the wall
 A close up of Ayumi's perfect posterior in battle.
 Ayumi may appear trapped in the canyon, but at least her butt cheeks are free from being trapped by pants
"You were looking at my bum weren't you? Bum looker! Cheeky Monkey!"

 Ayumi's cheeks are so round, they glisten in the light...
 ...and help her to defend against floating ghost enemies.
 The energy of Ayumi's ass explodes against her enemies (that phrase has a little bit different meaning around the office here after having tacos for lunch)

Thanks again to our viewer Dion for sending in some butt shots. We really do appreciate our readers. If you have a butt shot you would like to submit, send it to us

Friday, October 28, 2011

X-Blades Ayumi Butt Shots

We did a post about X-Blades a while ago on our sister site Video Game Chests. Today we have a few pictures of some butt shots from the game, and tomorrow we will have some more butt shots that were sent into us by our loyal reader Dion.

In case you've forgotten, X-Blades is a hack-and-slash style action-adventure game in which the player must fight monsters, using a pair of gun blades and spells, through indoor and outdoor levels in order to progress. Players take control of Ayumi, an adventurer searching for immensely valuable stones. Powerful forces against which she is helpless threaten to awake in her body. Now it's up to her to discover what the secret of the curse is - and at last defeat the darkness.

Like most Anime style video game babes, Ayumi battles viscous monsters with razor sharp blades wearing little more than a bikini and some boots. It works out nice for us, because she likes to show off her orange-ish tinted booty.
Ayumi leaps her booty into the air to avoid the green power of the enemy
Her bounteous buns boost Ayumi over the furious attacks of her latest enemy.
Ayumi maybe a long lost relative of Halo's Cortana, as she turns her body onto blue transparent energy
Some official wallpaper renderings from Gaijin Entertainment show Ayumi's anime cheeks peeking out from under her butt strap.

This wallpaper is a little bit more risque in that Ayumi exposes a little bit of side boob in addition to her hot crossed buns.
In promotion of the game, model Jodie Dart dressed up in her best booty enhancing Ayumi costume and posed with her blades for a couple of pictures.
We're not too sure what the effect on sales were because of these pictures, but they definitely got our attention... although we never bought the game...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Animated Butt Shots

Today we have a random set of animated butt shots for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. These butt shots all come from different games, but they all have two round cheeks in common.

This first shot if of Rogue from the X-Men. I believe this sprite is from one of the Marvel vs. X-men games from Capcom. Rogue shows her backside off as she celebrates her victory.

This animated butt shot is a spoof of the Zero Suit Samus introduction in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It appears that Samus likes to let her crack breathe when fighting space pirates.

This last butt shot is I-no from the Guilty Gear game. She celebrates her victory by tossing her top over her shoulder and flexing her booty.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Second Life Butt Shots

Second Life is a virtual world environment where users can create a virtual world avatar and interact with other virtual world people in virtual world places. Players can create, buy and sell in game items, clothes, poses, and actions using in game currency, which is linked to real world currency. Several large corporations (including Playboy) have created virtual world destinations in Second Life at one time or another. Players can dress up their avatar in any number of fashions and interact with other people in virtual environments. Lets check out some of the booty-licious fashions from Second Life.

This girl stares out at the ocean wondering why her Oceanic Flight 815 had to crash on the Island with the Others.

The night life in Second Life is pretty hoppin', as these topless girls shake their booties at one of the many night clubs.

This cowgirl is getting ready to save a horse and ride a cowboy in her butt-less chaps.

Her cheeks bursting out of the holes in her pants, this chick views the fantastic light show from the disco balls.

Do you remember that SNL skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze as Chippendale dancers? That's hat this picture reminds me of. I think one massive butt cheek on the left is equal to two of the butt cheeks on the right.

This red haired seductress poses in her black g-string panties flossed up through her round rump

A triple shot of butt crack cleavage and cheeks. I like the middle one the best.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Batman: Arkham City Butt Shots

The sequel to the 2009 hit game Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City was released in North America yesterday. So why not celebrate the opportunity to play as the caped crusader and beat up on Gotham's villains by posting some butt shots of some of the sexiest Batman villains.

Catwoman squeezes her cheeks into her leather catsuit and prepares to turn Gotham into Arkham City.

Character design sketches for Poison Ivy from the original Arkham Asylum game show her plant matter panties surrounding her butt cheeks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heavy Rain - Madison Paige Butt Shot

Today we have a picture from Heavy Raid of Madison Paige's posterior in some panties as she performs an exotic dance show for a dude. Try not to get too distracted by it, I hear she likes to smack people with lamps if they look at her buns for too long.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops Butt Shot

The Call of Duty franchise has quickly become one of the highest grossing and most prolific series on any video game platform. Be it the "Call of Duty" series itself, "Modern Warfare" or the latest "Black Ops" the Call of Duty name is almost a license to print cash. And who would have thought that a game focused on guys dressed up in full army fatigues equipped with weapons and survival gear killing each other would be featured on this site dedicated to butt shots in video games. Well it does appear here, and the butt shot comes from a rather odd place... not one you would typically think to look. It appears that the designers of Black Ops managed to squeeze a couple of booty cheeks into the background scenery of one of the levels that was spotted by a player with a keen eye. Check out the round marble rump on the statue in the picture below from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Unreal Championship - Devastation Butt Shots

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is a first-/third-person shooter video game in the Unreal series of games. It was developed by Epic Games and published by Midway Games for release on the Xbox game console as a direct sequel to the 2002 game Unreal Championship, which itself is an Xbox port of Unreal Tournament 2003. Unreal Championship 2, much more than its predecessor, is designed from the ground up for the Xbox console and takes full advantage of the Xbox Live gaming arena.

One of the unlockable characters in the game is Devistation. This is her description from the game.
"Inspired by the raging success of earlier robotic competitors, Liandi converted their brilliant new home service robot into a deadly killing machine. Devastation is constructed with nano-chamber alloy and possesses a giga-array processing unit. To further increase audience attraction, and to encourage home purchase, Linadri selected a sleek female body type modeled after a popular adult holo actress."

Devastation shows off her booty sized nano-chambers while flying through the combat arena

Devastation attempts to live up to her name by attacking Anubis

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nintendo Underwear Butt Shots

Sometimes you just want to show how much you love your favorite video game company by putting their name on your underwear and then parading around in said underwear for all to see. We think it's quite a novel idea, and we just wish more people like those below would attempt it, take pictures of it, and put them up on the internet for us to see.

This first butt shot picture has been the subject of several demotivational posters with the line "Tell the Truth, You noticed word Nintendo first"

This second butt shot has a much rounder and more full look and appearance to it. The ever so slight wedgie makes the cheeks stand out against the grey undies.

Grey underwear, just like the grey NES console. If it doesn't work at first, just blow on it.

And what good is it to have Nintendo underwear if you don't wear them while you play Nintendo games? This chick below has the full underwear gaming experience.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Viewer Submission - Claire Redfield RE:4

One of our readers, who would like to go by the name of Dion, previously sent in these buttshots from the Wii game Spyborgs. Well, Dion saw our post and sent in some more pictures... This time he even sent in a description and some captions for the pictures. Check everything out below.

"This is Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) for PC. Via a particular mod you can download, Claire's RE: Darkside Chronicles model (Code Veronica jeans or RE2 hotpants) replaces Leon's in-game model. Humorously, all else remains, including his voice, in-game voice effects, and his name on the HUD. This at least gives "Leon" a hot makeover. Screenshots taken using FRAPS."

"Claire wonders what's in that house as we wonder how she got in those jeans."

"Buckshot butt."

"Claire manages to look hot even in a graveyard."

"A boulder pushed by zombies threatens to flatten Claire's butt."

"Claire saves her ass."

"Claire ass-cends a ladder."

"Claire's ass is hot."

"Ashley takes cover behind Claire's derriere."

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