Friday, October 14, 2011

Unreal Championship - Devastation Butt Shots

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is a first-/third-person shooter video game in the Unreal series of games. It was developed by Epic Games and published by Midway Games for release on the Xbox game console as a direct sequel to the 2002 game Unreal Championship, which itself is an Xbox port of Unreal Tournament 2003. Unreal Championship 2, much more than its predecessor, is designed from the ground up for the Xbox console and takes full advantage of the Xbox Live gaming arena.

One of the unlockable characters in the game is Devistation. This is her description from the game.
"Inspired by the raging success of earlier robotic competitors, Liandi converted their brilliant new home service robot into a deadly killing machine. Devastation is constructed with nano-chamber alloy and possesses a giga-array processing unit. To further increase audience attraction, and to encourage home purchase, Linadri selected a sleek female body type modeled after a popular adult holo actress."

Devastation shows off her booty sized nano-chambers while flying through the combat arena

Devastation attempts to live up to her name by attacking Anubis

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