Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Viewer Submission - Claire Redfield RE:4

One of our readers, who would like to go by the name of Dion, previously sent in these buttshots from the Wii game Spyborgs. Well, Dion saw our post and sent in some more pictures... This time he even sent in a description and some captions for the pictures. Check everything out below.

"This is Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) for PC. Via a particular mod you can download, Claire's RE: Darkside Chronicles model (Code Veronica jeans or RE2 hotpants) replaces Leon's in-game model. Humorously, all else remains, including his voice, in-game voice effects, and his name on the HUD. This at least gives "Leon" a hot makeover. Screenshots taken using FRAPS."

"Claire wonders what's in that house as we wonder how she got in those jeans."

"Buckshot butt."

"Claire manages to look hot even in a graveyard."

"A boulder pushed by zombies threatens to flatten Claire's butt."

"Claire saves her ass."

"Claire ass-cends a ladder."

"Claire's ass is hot."

"Ashley takes cover behind Claire's derriere."

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