Thursday, October 20, 2011

Second Life Butt Shots

Second Life is a virtual world environment where users can create a virtual world avatar and interact with other virtual world people in virtual world places. Players can create, buy and sell in game items, clothes, poses, and actions using in game currency, which is linked to real world currency. Several large corporations (including Playboy) have created virtual world destinations in Second Life at one time or another. Players can dress up their avatar in any number of fashions and interact with other people in virtual environments. Lets check out some of the booty-licious fashions from Second Life.

This girl stares out at the ocean wondering why her Oceanic Flight 815 had to crash on the Island with the Others.

The night life in Second Life is pretty hoppin', as these topless girls shake their booties at one of the many night clubs.

This cowgirl is getting ready to save a horse and ride a cowboy in her butt-less chaps.

Her cheeks bursting out of the holes in her pants, this chick views the fantastic light show from the disco balls.

Do you remember that SNL skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze as Chippendale dancers? That's hat this picture reminds me of. I think one massive butt cheek on the left is equal to two of the butt cheeks on the right.

This red haired seductress poses in her black g-string panties flossed up through her round rump

A triple shot of butt crack cleavage and cheeks. I like the middle one the best.


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