Saturday, October 8, 2011

Viewer Submission: Vindictus Butt Shots

One of our readers who goes by the name of Hatsume sent us a bunch of butt shots a while ago that we have slowly been presenting over the last few days. Here is the last bunch of butt shots that he sent to us from a game called Vindictus.

Vindictus is a hack and slash MMORPG created by devcat, an internal studio of Korean publisher Nexon. Vindictus follows Nexon's traditional free-to-play model. The game itself is free to download and play and charged no purchase price. The game contains a virtual item shop to purchase in-game items through Nexon points to enhance the player's character's appearance and abilities.

The game takes place in a war-torn world, where Humans believe that if they can destroy the Fomors —monstrous humanoids— they will be brought by their black-winged goddess, Morrighan, into the land of Erinn and be enriched in paradise. The land has suffered under endless war for hundreds of years, and many people are beginning to give up hope that the legend of Erinn is real.

Players start out by selecting one of the 5 main characters, each possessing different abilities.They can then proceed throughout the game, or delve into the character customization. The pictures sent into us by Hatsume shows a lot of different butt shots from the character customization mode. Check out all the butt shots below.

This character is out on a journey to destroy the enemies with her round booty.

An avatar shop lets you purchase accessories and items for your character. I'm not sure how knee high fuzzy boots and a purse will help you fight the Fomors, but at least you will look good in your tight booty shorts.

Showing off a bit more cheek in this picture

You can even accessorize the undergarments of your character, with a traditional white bra and panties...

...Or maybe something more pink, to accent your character's backside...

...or perhaps a red leather type outfit, to show off the shine of the cheeks...

...or the shiny blue one, that hovers over the round rump.

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