Thursday, September 22, 2011

Street Fighter - Cammy Cosplay Butt Shots - Ikuy

The most visited post on this blog, up to this point, has been the Street Fighter - Cammy Cosplay post that was originally published in August 2010. You can check out the current top 10 "Popular Butts - Last 7 Days" and the "Most Popular Butt Shots - All Time" on the side bar to the right just above and below the tag cloud. Is the Street Fighter - Cammy Cosplay post still the most popular? or has some other booty knocked Cammy out of the champion post?

Well, since you all seem to enjoy Cammy's sweet cosplay posterior so much, we thought that we would feed your need for cheeks with some more posts about cosplayers dressed up as Cammy. Yesterday we had some more pictures of AlisaKiss dressed up as Cammy from her possibly most famous internet pictures. Today, we have some more pictures of the other cosplay Cammy that we featured on our original Street Fighter - Cammy Cosplay post last year. We've done a bit of research since that last post and found that the cosplayer goes by the name of Ikuy. So without further adieu, we present some more cammy cosplay butt shot pictures of Ikuy. 

Ikuy, as Cammy makes sure the retaining wall is secure. A booty like that is secure in it's place on this website.

Cammy's winning pose... we all win when Cammy wears the butt crack flossing body suits that she does.

Cammy does her best "Dat Ass" impression. (I'm pretty sure the glasses are photoshopped)

Cammy poses her bountiful booty while waiting in line at the convention.

Thumbs up for great round butt cheeks.

Ikuy poses her Cammy backside one last time before leaving the convention.

EDIT: November 2012 -Be sure to check out more cosplay pictures on our new sister site, Video Game Cosplay. Or, if your looking for some NSFW pictures of a nude Cammy Cosplay, then check out this post on our Video Game Boobs blog.


Your Lord and Master said...

Is it wrong that I can't decide between those two LUSCIOUS broads?

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