Friday, May 11, 2012

Soul Calibur V Advertisement Butt Shot

Japanese culture is very different than American or even European culture. Often we hear of things that go on in Japan and shake our heads wondering, "Why doesn't stuff like that happen here?" Like this for instance. To build up hype for the release of Soul Calibur V in Japan, Bandai Namco ran some ads that focused heavily on some of the more well documented features of series star Ivy Valentine. This ad below is one such ad, that provides a friendly view if Ivy's gluteus maximuses. The same ad campaign also featured a diving shot of Ivy's frontal cleavage crevice (that can be seen on our sister Video Game Chest blog) and for some reason a close up shot of Voldo's Codpiece (that we will not be featuring anywhere... We have no desire to start a Video Game Crotch blog... although there have been a few cases of digital wang popping up in video games recently... maybe there might be some sort of blog expansion in the future...) Anyway, enough of a tangent, lets get back to Ivy's cheeks.

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