Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orchid, Killer Instinct

Rareware created Killer Instinct for the Arcades to showcase the awesome potential that the forthcoming Nintendo "Ultra" 64 home console system would possess. The game was a pretty big hit in the arcades as it introduced 50-something hit combos and gorgeous graphics. The characters in the game were your general fighting game variety, including B. Orchid, the token female participant in the game. Orchid, dressed in her all spandex suit, had more than a few gamers pumping quarters into the machine to find out all her special moves. Luckily for us, her moves, and her tight spandex, allow us to get some good shots of her backside.

One of Orchid's "alternative" finishing moves, had her showing off her butt to the camera while she unzipped her body suit to show off her other assets to the defeated opponent.

Here Orchid does a backflip kick, showing off her tight shiny spandex booty.

For a victory celebration, gamers were treated to a Booty tapping show as Orchid activated her laser weapons by bumping them on her cheeks.

Below is the animated finishing move sequence described above



Alexander A said...

Man, i busted a few ones out to Orchid back in the day! Her supreme victory animation still gives me a hard - on now!

I'd so bang her...

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