Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cortana from Halo

Halo, the best selling trilogy from the Xbox universe had gamers taking control of Master Chief, a Spartan super soldier, in a battle across the galaxy. Helping out the good Chief was a female Artificial Intelligence figure named Cortana that would implant herself in Master Chief's armor and provide him with hints and strategies and would also drive the storyline along. Although only and AI, Cortana was still a shapely figure and possessed a pretty great butt in her own right. These are a few pics of her digital bottom.

A side shot of Cortana's curves as she describes the current situation to Master Chief.
A full backside shot of Cortana's artificial ass. She's somewhat see through.
Another backside approach as Cortana mediates between Master Chief and other marine commanders.
A couple more shots of Cortana's rear as she talks strategy with Master Chief.

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