Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Viewer Submission: Modified Halo Reach Butt Shots

This is really a first for us... and we didn't catch the joke until only just recently. We've been cleaning out the e-mail inbox and found some butt shots that were submitted to us by viewer D D way back in January. The butt shots pictures are of Kat from Halo Reach. But they are not the typical submissions that we receive on this site. (which are usually screenshots or promotional renderings) These are butt shots that we originally posted on this site that have been Photoshopped to add a little bit of reality to the pictures. Quite interesting. Kat is now fighting for the UNSC with her butt cheeks exposed to the world. I would complain about the army issued equipment if I were Kat.

Check out the original pictures posted on our Blog here and here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Viewer Submission: League of Legends Buttt Shots

Viewer Noble Ibe sent us some booty shots from the trailer of League of Legends. We weren't too impressed with the quality of the pictures that were sent, but we liked the content. So we set out on a journey to find the trailer and get our own quality pictures of the great butt shots that Noble Ibe sent in. In the action packed trailer, the red headed chick in the tight leather pants battles against a dude in some armor. A great number of very nice butt shots are found throughout the trailer. We present those pictures below:

A flying acrobatic butt shot as the red headed chick leaps over the armor dude.
The red head charges head on (and butt out) at the knight in the armor.

The armored guy ducks under the sword, but the red head allows us another couple of peeks at her tight pants.

In another acrobatic move, the red head does a backward leap away from her attacker and lands in slow motion, showing the strength of her glutes.

Check out the slow motion animated booty flexing going on below.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ninja Gaiden Butt Shots

Ninja Gaiden, the previous generation's next generation update to a classic NES era franchise, has already been featured on this site for a Halloween post a few years ago. At that time we showed off a butt shot of one of the monsters in a post we titled "Halloween Monster Butt Shots". Well, since that time we have collected a few more butt shots from the Ninja Gaiden series and present them below for your enjoyment.

Rachel battles with a horny demon. Her sword protects her backside

Ryu battles his own demons in a butt-cheek-squeezing leather suit

Momiji fights fierce against her foes

Rachel's booty does battle in her black leather thong with Ryu's assistance.

Monday, August 8, 2011

King of Fighters - Lien Neville Butt Shots

Lien Neville is a buxom character from the SNK Playmore's fighting game series KOF: Maximum Impact, part of The King of Fighters series.She is so buxom, in fact, you can see her featured on our sister site the Video Game Chests Blog.

According to the SNK Wiki, Lien "conceptually began as the polar opposite to fellow KOF participant, Mai Shiranui. While Mai represents a "sexy and beautiful kunoichi", Lien represents another counterpart: the "sexy Western femme fatale". Her outfits are purposely designed to be "tight and constricting" to contrast Mai's clothing, which is made to allow for easy and quick movements. Her curled hair -also made to differ from Mai's long and straight hair- needed several retakes, along with a long trial-and-error process for the game's modelers. To further the contrast between the two assassins, efforts were made to make Lien more serious and darker than Mai, despite being one of the heroines in the series."

What is serious about Lien, in addition to her great juggies, is her tight booty as seen in the screenshots below.

 Lien goes down low for the attack on her opponent, Mingnon

Here, Lien decides to go high and smack her opponent with a kick to the back... while giving us a great look at her backside.

Another view of Lien's round moon-like cheeks as she continues to pummel her opponent.

Lein and her booty stand in the aura in this promotional poster for the game.

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