Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Viewer Submission: Modified Halo Reach Butt Shots

This is really a first for us... and we didn't catch the joke until only just recently. We've been cleaning out the e-mail inbox and found some butt shots that were submitted to us by viewer D D way back in January. The butt shots pictures are of Kat from Halo Reach. But they are not the typical submissions that we receive on this site. (which are usually screenshots or promotional renderings) These are butt shots that we originally posted on this site that have been Photoshopped to add a little bit of reality to the pictures. Quite interesting. Kat is now fighting for the UNSC with her butt cheeks exposed to the world. I would complain about the army issued equipment if I were Kat.

Check out the original pictures posted on our Blog here and here.

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