Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Viewer Submission: League of Legends Buttt Shots

Viewer Noble Ibe sent us some booty shots from the trailer of League of Legends. We weren't too impressed with the quality of the pictures that were sent, but we liked the content. So we set out on a journey to find the trailer and get our own quality pictures of the great butt shots that Noble Ibe sent in. In the action packed trailer, the red headed chick in the tight leather pants battles against a dude in some armor. A great number of very nice butt shots are found throughout the trailer. We present those pictures below:

A flying acrobatic butt shot as the red headed chick leaps over the armor dude.
The red head charges head on (and butt out) at the knight in the armor.

The armored guy ducks under the sword, but the red head allows us another couple of peeks at her tight pants.

In another acrobatic move, the red head does a backward leap away from her attacker and lands in slow motion, showing the strength of her glutes.

Check out the slow motion animated booty flexing going on below.

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