Thursday, May 20, 2010

Viewer Submission - PN03

Site viewer Shadow Lord sent us a couple of pictures from the game P.N.03. I'm going to assume that the good Shadow Lord captured these pictures himself since he didn't say anything otherwise. Here they are below.

The pictures don't really show too much, aside from the main characters backside... just an empty room.

Although, who really needs anything else to look at, when there is a nice round booty like that to look at?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Viewer Submission - Mai Shiranui

Today we wrap up the last of the pictures that were submitted to us by our viewer Pamela Barras. Today contains a mix of several female fighters from a Mugen game, but most of the butts in following pictures belong to Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters. Most people will recognize the red robes of Mai, as well as her large chesticles and prime rump roast. Check out the great pictures below.

Mai gives herself a wedgie in this picture (possibly a fan picture)

Mai has no problems flashing her thong and side boobs in this pictrure
Mai 2000 (possibly a robot of the original Mai with titanium buns) wins the fight in against Mai CVS in the screenshot below.

From what I understand, the Mugen platform is designed to allow people to include various characters from different fighting games in the same game. That is why we have Mai 2000 (from the King of Fighters 2000 game) fighting against Mai CVS (which I'm assuming is from Capcom vs SNK). At any rate, Mai 2000 gets some nice air and shows off some nice backside below.

Mai 2000 does a roundhouse sweep and shows off her purple thong

Here the Mai on the left gives another sneak peak at her round rump as she uppercuts the air

Mai on the left prepares a roundhouse kick.

Mai on the left gets sent flying after a blow from Mai on the right... Her massive booty might be able to cushion her fall, were she not about to land on her head.

Now the Mai on the left performs a backflip kick while giving all a great side cheek shot of her buns

Mai CVS takes a crack at Mai 2K2. Hope she can connect with that kick.

Now it's the Mai on the right's turn to take a roundhouse booty sweep

A close up of Mai's booty sweep

A few additional character buttshots from the Mugen game were taken from our viewer Pamela. Below we have the winning post of Electra in her red spandex supersuit.

Miss Marvel on the right takes a shot at Electra, and shows that her booty is nothing to be taken lightly either.

Blair Dame takes a break to catch some rays on her rump

An old school booty shot from Killer Instinct's B. Orchid.

Another shot of Orchid's spherical buns

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Viewer Submission - Wonder Woman

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey man, what's the deal? Is this side dead or what?" No, this site is not dead...You could just say that the site has been in a coma for the last 2 months. There is really no excuse for nothing happening on this site. So I'm not going to give an excuse. Instead, I'm just going to continue where I left off last time and give you some more great butt shots that were submitted by our viewer Pamela Barras. These pictures are of Wonder Woman taken from a Mugen Game.

The Woman of Wonder shows off her wonderful butt cheeks as she prepares to give Morrigan a good ol' fashioned boot to the face.

Here Wonder Woman takes a bit of a break to give Morrigan a better view of her backside. I would say she was just trying to get some sun on her booty, but it's raining out. Maybe she just wants to get a nice glisten on her cheeks.

Wonder Woman shows she has some nice junk in her trunk.

Wonder Woman goes down low on Morrigan in an attempt to sweep her feet for the take down.

Another attempt by Wonder Woman to make Morrigan jealous of her thong.

Wonder Woman shows off her backside again as she kicks low...

... medium ...

... and high. Great cheek position in all three kicks

Not only does Wonder Woman win, but she makes sure that we get to celebrate when she flashes off her round booty in her victory pose.

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