Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sin Episodes Butt Shots

Elexis Sinclair is the mastermind villain in the original SiN game, and it's episodic sequel Sin Episodes... even though there was only ever one episode released. Elexis was not made of much eye candy in the first game. In fact, she looked like she was beaten about 50 times over by an ugly stick, ugly branch and ugly tree. Thankfully she underwent some much needed plastic surgery between games to make herself quite hot. Check out the two butt shot pictures below of Elexis in her bikini in what appears to be a swamp (?). You'd think the billionaire owner of a genetic engineering company would be able to afford a sanitized pool somewhere... whatever, her booty looks nice and shiny, that's all that matters for this site.

Elexis gets a little cheeky and sideboob-y as she gives a seductive look to the camera.
The main hero's side kick, Jessica Cannon, shows she can compete against Elexis in a booty and side boob contest... although our money goes to the greater exposure of Elexis.

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