Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Outlaw Sports Butt Shots

There are certain games that have been released over the recent years that are just made for a website such as ours. These games are chocked full of scantily clad women, bursting at the seams with booty, and just plain old meant for greatness. If the game is great enough (or if the developers are crazy enough), that game will spawn a sequel or two... and then that game becomes a franchise. A franchise based solely on butts. One of these franchises has again made its way to onto our digital domain. That franchise is the Outlaw sports franchise. You can check out previous posts from this franchise at this link. Today we take a cheeky peek at some more great backsides from the Outlaw sports games.

Outlaw Volleyball features bikini clad babes flashing butt cheeks and spiking balls over the net.
Outlaw Tennis features the same cast of scantily clad characters, but also features the well known tennis up-skirt serves of the real sport.
The camera angles in the Outlaw Tennis game are at a low enough angle, you get a good look a the serves
The Outlaw series is an equal opportunity butt shot provider, here one of the guys smashes the serve, hoping for an ace.

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