Friday, March 20, 2009

Mortal Kombat – Kira Butt Shots

Kira was first introduced into the Mortal Kombat universe in the 6th game of the franchise Mortal Kombat: Deception. Here is her biography, lifted from the game, as depicted on Wikipedia:
“In the mountains of Afghanistan, Kira had disguised herself as a man, and sold weapons to terrorist organizations. During one such transaction in a cave, her gender was revealed, and she had no choice but to fight her way out. Emerging victorious, she encountered Kabal, who had been waiting outside to behold the victor. He had decided to reconstitute the Black Dragon, and observing how Kira conducted herself in executing her misdeeds in a cold and calculated fashion, he was reminded of the Red Dragon, the organization from which the Black Dragon split. Since the Black Dragon did not have this presence, Kabal offered to make Kira his first recruit. Accepting, Kira devoted herself to her new organization. She then went with Kabal to New York City to recruit Kobra.”
Below are a few of Kira’s butt cheeks trying to stay hidden. Kira has a nice butt, but only seems to want to show if off from the side angles.

  Kira hits Dairou with an uppercut to the jaw. Her tight pants show off her booty in the processMK_screen002
Another slight side butt shot as Kira waits for Dairou to land.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tekken Buttshots

The Tekken fighting series had evolved greatly in the graphics department from the first iteration of the game back on the Playstation One and the Arcades. The evolution of graphics has made the buttshots available from the games that much more enjoyable. Here are a few of the butt shots below.

Christie shows off some side butt (and some pretty good boob action as well… Maybe this picture will make it’s way to the video game chests blog someday with that underboob action.)
Tekken christie-hqt5
Nina gets punished by the Law. Here Nina takes a backhand slap from law, while she shows off her backside in her shiny spandex pants.tekken 5 screen011
Christie and Julia have some one on one action with Christie’s rear in plain view. tekken 5_screen025

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