Friday, January 8, 2010

Bayonetta Butt Shots Part II

After the last post we did of Bayonetta's butt, we did some more searching on the internet a found a few more good pictures that show off the great booty that Bayonetta has. And since Bayonetta is a pretty hot topic with the game just being released this week, we thought that now would be a pretty good time to put up a bunch more pictures of Bayonetta and her butt since the internet will be hopping with people searching for just such a thing. We are here to provide a service people, and we provide what the people want. So without any further delay, you can check out the great new butt shot pictures of Bayonetta below.

 The box shot of the Xbox version of Bayonetta released in Japan shows a lot more of a moon from Bayonetta than the US version does

Bayonetta's backside has a lot of flexibility in it to allow her to perform such moves as the one below.

Bayonetta is well aware of the fact that she has a killer booty, and she likes to flaunt that fact, as is seen in the three shots below.



Bayonetta uses her hair as a weapon throughout the game. This poses a problem for her clothing, as her hair is also used to cover her naked body... and she only has so much hair to go around. As she uses more hair for a weapon, there is less hair to cover her body. So when you do a powerful weapon strike, like is shown in the screen shot below, often her butt and / or breasts get uncovered. This shot below was also shown in the last Bayonetta post, however the last picture was a lot smaller and not quite as detailed. This picture below has a lot higher resolution and you can see much more detail in Bayonetta's cheeks. Click on the pic to see the full screen resolution.

A few more actions shots show Bayonetta being exposed as her hair clothing is dispatched for other purposes.

One last butt shot of Bayonetta (for now... I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her booty-licous backside yet.)

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