Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shinobi Butt Shots

The Shinobi series of video games first debuted in 1987 in the arcades and on the Sega Master System. Several sequels saw the series expand to the Sega Genesis, Saturn, Game Gear and later the Sony Playstation 2 platforms. The name Shinobi is used as a code-name throughout the series to hide the true identity of its bearer. It has been adopted by various characters, most prominently Joe Musashi, the protagonist of the original series of games.

The latest title in the Shinobi franchise, was a spin off title named Nightshade ("Kunoichi" in Japan) that appeared on the Playstation 2. Kunoichi is the Japanese term used to denote the female equivalent of Shinobi. The female character dons some form fitting clothing to enable her to be a stealth ninja. It also accentuates her posterior as you can see below.

The Kunoichi shows that she can do any job a Shinobi can do... and she can have a great backside while doing it.

Here is some more Kunoichi backside from a Japanese promo for the game.

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