Friday, June 27, 2008

Bloodrayne Booty Shots

Bloodrayne is a vampire action game with an undead vampire heroine that runs around in tight shiny leather pants sucking the blood out of her opponents. I've never played the Bloodrayne games, so I don't have a whole lot of info about the game that would be of any value, but I do have some good butt shot pictures of Rayne, the vampire heroine in her tight pants.

Promotional render of the Character model... look how shiny the pants are around the posterior region (aka the butt)
Talk about multitasking, sucking the blood out of a soldier while giving him a lap dance, at the same time as shooting her gun and providing an excellent butt shot.
I wouldn't want to run into those guys in a dark alley, but I wouldn't mind running into a butt like that in a back alley... heck, I wouldn't mind running into a butt like that anywhere.
Rayne shows off her acrobatic undead pole dancing abilities
Every undead vampire action game heroine needs to have her own evening wear. Here Rayne shows how well her booty can fill out her dress. I like the arm blade accessories.
Another promotional render of Rayne. This one shows off her evening wear outfit.
More bad-guy beat 'em up butt shots from Bloodrayne (try saying that 10 times fast)

Another promotional render showing the improvements in the character design from the first Bloodrayne game to the second one... Notice how her bum is more curvaceous (and shiny) in the second game

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zero Suit Samus Butt Shots

Since the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, millions of people have been able to beat up a variety of Nintendo (and third party) characters. One of the new character additions to this latest version of the Nintendo fighter is Zero Suit Samus from the Metroid series of games. The zero suit was first shown in the Gameboy Advance game Metroid: Zero Mission, in which Samus Aran (the game's hero) loses her power suit and has to complete a mission in her "underwear" (referred to as the Zero Suit). The zero suit is basically a full body spandex suit that forms very closely to Samus' body. From the release of the game, people have been searching the internet for a better glimpse of this full body spandex suit and the curvey heroine that fills out those curves. Well the search is over. Look out below for a full 20+ shots of Miss Samus Aran showing off her spandex butt in her Zero Suit.

Samus vs Samus buttshot
Four legged doggy style butt shot
Another Samus vs Samus
Samus takes a break from the brawl to give ol' Solid Snake a smooch and give us a butt shot.
Super Sized Samus flashes her bottom behind Captain Falcon
Samus' Zero Suit comes in more colors than just the generic Sky Blue. Here she don's a Green / Yellow combo Zero Suit.
Samus poses her Booty in the new Zero Suit

Samus holds on to the ledge, not wanting her butt to fall to certain oblivion.
Another color variation for the Zero Suit. This one showcases the femininity of Samus
Snake made a mistake of saying Samus' Zero Suit made her butt look fat... bad move snake.

The Purple / white color variation of the Zero Suit.
Samus flashes her bum, and gun whip for Princess Zelda
I think here Zelda made the comment that her Butt looked better than Samus'
Samus showing her butt as she prepares to play chicken with Captain Falcon from F-Zero

Samus in her Zero Suit, beating up on Princess Peach (who likes to sometimes dress up as Princess Daisy), apparently everyone is jealous of Samus' butt.
Double Zero Suit Samus butt shot
Samus forgiving Snake for his big booty remark.
Samus in a black Zero Suit makes amends with Princess Zelda.
Samus vs Samus double butt shot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Outlaw Golf Butt Shots

Outlaw Golf for the Xbox is one of those "lets take some kinda-good-looking-if-I-were-living-in-a-trailer-park girls and put then in some short shorts and make them play sports" kind of games. Cousins to Outlaw Volleyball (to be featured on this site sometime in the future), the game may not have had the same caliber of golfing mechanics that a Tiger Woods game would have, but it did have girls in tight shorts giving us some good butt shots. Here are a few of those butts below.

Some tight red jean shorts make this drive a hole in one.

Nothing accessorizes a tight red leather butt shot like a golf club

A nice line drive and a nice blue jean booty picture.

Summer's butt cheeks are sneaking a peek out the bottom of her Daisy Duke shorts. I don't know of very many golf courses that will allow a this type of outfit on their greens.

Here is another blue jean butt shot driving across the water.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cortana from Halo

Halo, the best selling trilogy from the Xbox universe had gamers taking control of Master Chief, a Spartan super soldier, in a battle across the galaxy. Helping out the good Chief was a female Artificial Intelligence figure named Cortana that would implant herself in Master Chief's armor and provide him with hints and strategies and would also drive the storyline along. Although only and AI, Cortana was still a shapely figure and possessed a pretty great butt in her own right. These are a few pics of her digital bottom.

A side shot of Cortana's curves as she describes the current situation to Master Chief.
A full backside shot of Cortana's artificial ass. She's somewhat see through.
Another backside approach as Cortana mediates between Master Chief and other marine commanders.
A couple more shots of Cortana's rear as she talks strategy with Master Chief.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Video Game Butts

Check out this image gallery that has you guessing which video game booties belong to which video game characters.

Wave Race Buttshots

The Nintendo 64 brought 3D video gaming into the home market. One of the first games that I ever owned on that system was Wave Race 64. There were four distinct characters you could chose from: The Girl, the Fat Guy, the Asian Guy, and the "Extremely Difficult to Control" Guy. The character models weren't all that amazing, but the water effects and speed of the racing was pretty fun.

The Girl, dressed in pink, showing off her crack in her wet suit.

Racing at over 88 km/h, The Girl holds on tight and thrusts her booty into the camera.

A third place finish isn't too shabby with a butt like that.

The Nintendo Gamecube followed up the Wave Race game play with a title called "Wave Race: Blue Storm." The graphics were greatly improved over the Nintendo 64 version, and I believe a few more characters were introduced into the game. I've never played this game, but I believe The Girl is still present in the game, although it appears below that she has shed her pink wet suit for cutoff jean shorts.

The Gamecube version of Wave Race had several similar tracks to the N64 version, like the this one.
An early prototype shot from Wave Race for the Gamecube

Not to be outdone by Nintendo's Jet Ski game, Tecmo decided to include a jet ski type minigame in its Booty and Breast-fest called Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2. The sort of sequel to DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Xtreme 2 featured additional sports than just volleyball. It also provided a very good "Girl on Jetski" buttshot as seen below.
There are more DOA Xtreme buttshots available, but they will be saved for another day and another post.

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