Monday, June 1, 2009

No One Lives Forever – Cate Archer Buttshots

Like a feminine James Bond (or perhaps Austin Powers), Cate Archer is the super spy with all the mojo who can handle any top secret mission thrown at her. She is the lead character is the No One Lives Forever series of games. She also has some nice buttshots to show off.

Cate is a master at the full body leather sneaking suit. It ass-entuates her finer ass-ets.
No One Lives Forever cate-archer-013
Able to look sophisticated while packing heat, Cate shows how the sexy styles of the Sixties still give nice butts a place to live. No One Lives Forever cate-archer-005Looking fine in a leather jacket, Cate checks to make sure no one is staring at her backside for too long.
No One Lives Forever cate-archer-010

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