Friday, June 5, 2009

Mario Kart Wii Butt Shots

Mario Kart for the Wii combines motion control gameplay, with online wi-fi racing capabilities, a first for the fun kart racing franchise. Another new addition to the game is the addition of motorcycles and other 2 wheeled vehicles in addition to the standard 4-wheelers. The 2 wheel bikes allow for some decent butt shots as the riders catch air.

Here Mario shows his hang time as his backside hangs out over his seat.
Mario Kart Wii Mario
Another Mario butt shot as the Mustachioed Plumber takes a leap of faith over the toadstool tops on Mushroom Gorge.
Mario Kart Wii_20080220_screen028
Princess Toadstool gets on her racing tights to show off her butt while she rides the motorbike in this screenshot below
Mario Kart Wii Peach
A couple of fan art pictures below show greater detail as Rosalina and Peach get ready to do some racing.Mario Kart Rosalina
Peach is ready to go for a spin on her crotch rocket.
Mario Kart Wii peach_8

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