Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sudeki Butt Shots

Sudeki is an action role playing game released for the Xbox console, and later the PC. It features (like post role playing games) several female characters in skimpy clothing, which makes it a perfect game for inclusion on this website. We don't have a whole lot to say about the game, or the game play, since we have never played the game, but we do have a small collection of butt shots from the game to show off. I guess that's why this blog is called Video Game Butt Shots, and not Video Game Reviews, or Video Game Gameplay Blog, or something like that. Anyway, we were able to glean a bit of info from Wikipedia about the game and the characters.

Ailish: "Daughter of Queen Lusica and princess of Illumina, Ailish has lived her life in royalty. Since she was young she was gifted with magical abilities. Her father, Baron Felson, died a tragic and mysterious death when Ailish was conceived. She was led to live a sheltered life that left her yearning for more, to go out and venture into the world. Though she lacked friends of the same stature as herself, her only friend is Remy, her servant. She usually likes to sit at her balcony and watch Tal train in the courtyard below. She is the Descendant of Olivetess the Eagle and her chosen weapon is a staff. When fighting with Ailish, the view goes into first person."

Here are a few Butt Shots of Ailish.

It appears that Ailish shops at the same store that sells pants to Prince, and Cher... Butt cheeks optional.

A subtle shot of Ailish's upper butt cleavage.

Buki: "The huntress Buki's parents were leaders of the hunting pack that provided food for the people of her village. When a great plague struck the village, all of the adults died leaving the children on their own. The village shaman saw this as a way of renewing the tribe, so he took Buki under his wing and trained her. She is an Anthropomorph, a race of half-human half-animal beings sharing the world with humans. She holds great respect for the mystical world and honors the deities that watch over it. Buki is also a formidable warrior, she is the Descendant of Mo the great Cat and her weapon of choice are wrist mounted blades."
Here are a couple Butt Shots of Buki from the game.

Buki's round Booty helps her fight off the masive Ogre monster.

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