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Video Game Girls DB - Top 10 Nicest Assess in Videogames

Various forum threads devoted to video game Asses
#1, #2, #3, #4 Top 10 Gaming Asses

Bel's House of Rendered Women

G4TV - Video Game Vixens 2004

Links to This Site:
Flickr Photostream Set - A Flickr photostream that links to this site

Butts Butts Butts - NeoGAF forum thread - a forum thread that started by discussing the differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy XIII, but quickly morphed into a discussion about video game butts.

videogamebuttshots - WTF is this? - A NeoGAF forum thread specifically discussing this blog.

GameRevolution - We Ski Review for the Wii - A review of the We Ski video game that references this blog.

Destructoid - Infinitys End's Blog Top 10 Gaming Butts A top 10 list of the best video game butts that references this site and uses some of our images.

MayorMcheese on NewGrounds - The greatest site of all time A personal blog post that says this is the greatest of all time

Reddit - Gaming Pinups A Reddit thread with a link to our blog

Something Awful - Awful Link of the Day - Monday October 3, 2011 A rant by someone about how he didn't like the collage we posted of video game butts.

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