Monday, July 30, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Video Game Butt Shots

The London 2012 Olympic Games are currently underway as I type this post. Like previous Olympic games, there is an official video game for the London 2012 Olympics... and like previous Olympic games, we are posting some butt shot pictures from that game for your enjoyment. Be sure to check out posts from games of Olympics past for Beijing 2008 (post 1, post 2, and Mario & Sonic), Athens 2004, Sydney 2000, and the Winter Olympics. And check out below for some butt shot images from the latest London 2012 Olympic video game.

Diving off the platform into the pool, this swimmer is going for gold.

A great underwater swimming butt shot shows the light refracting capabilities of the water physics engine.

A track and field event has one of Britain's track stars in the starting blocks ready for a race.

A spandex suit butt shot of the Olympic sprinter.

A side cheek shot of the hop-skip-and jump triple jumper.

"Good angle" for a butt shot.

Probably the most popular Olympic sport when it comes to butt shots is that of Beach Volleyball. When the players wear tiny little bikinis to play a game of volleyball in the sand, you can see why it is such a popular sport to Google pictures of. Well Google no more, below are three great butt shot pictures of the Beach Volleyball event from London 2012.

Team mates psych themselves up to smack some balls out on the beach.

An action shot of the volleyball game in progress and some nice booty shots as well.

This player goes up for a spike, while flexing her cheeks for more power.

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