Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beijing Olympics Video Game Butt Shots

We continue our Olympic Sport Butt Shot coverage with some video game butt shots from an actual video game based on the Olympics. Today's pictures are from the Beijing 2008 official video game developed by SEGA. We will feature two sports in today's butt shot coverage: Diving and Gymnastics.

Diving: While not a complete "Full Moon" butt shot, this half moon diving shot does provide some good side cheek butt action. Good form.
Gymnastics: The balance beam is one of the events in women's gymnastics. The following two shots show some decent butt shots of a gymnastics competitor. This first one is a handstand butt shot.
This picture provides some more good side cheek Olympic Gymnsastics butt shot action
Our gymnast performs her floor routine in the tight spandex bodysuit that olympic gymnasts are famous for wearing.
Apparently the Men's gymnastics competition is pretty popular as well... I'm not too keen on the pant loops that hook around the bottom of the feet, though. At any rate, here is a butt shot picture of a male gymnast preparing for the vault.

Tomorrow we will feature some additional sports from the Beijing 2008 official Olympic video game. Stay Tuned.

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