Monday, August 25, 2008

Video Game Console Butt Shots

And now for something completely different, we present a different kind of video game butt shot. Up until now, we have only looked at one side of video game butt shots, the software side. Well today we broaden our horizons and look at things from a hardware perspective, and present some video game console butt shots. Not to be outdone by the software they run, these video game console machines are here to show off their backsides, complete with ports, plugs, and outputs. So without further delay, here they are.

The Nintendo Gamecube has a love handle on it's booty for people to grab onto and carry it with. It also has two video outputs, an analog and a digital, in addition to the power plug.

The slimmed down PS2 has lost some weight in it's backside, when compared to the fatty PS2 (unfortunately, we don't have any pics of the fatty PS2). The slim PS2 has an integrated network adapter, digital audio out, and a video output, in addition to the standard power plug in port.
The fattest of all the video game console booties is the original Xbox from Microsoft. This console was so heavy, it would crush small children if it fell on them... that's why Microsoft designed breakaway controller cords to prevent gamers from pulling the system to the floor. At any rate, below is a booty shot of the Xbox1 system, complete with power port, video output, and network port.
When the PS3 was first introduced by Sony, it was supposed to have a plethora of ports on it's backside, including dual HDMI ports, USB ports, and several network ports (the system was supposed to act as a high speed router)...

...However, when the system was actually released, it's backside features were trimmed down and cut out, as the butt shot below shows. Only one HDMI port, one network port, zero USB ports... it does have the standard video output, digital audio, and power adapter.

The newest, and possibly most popular, of the new video game consoles is the Nintendo Wii. Its butt shot shows off some of the added features to the system, including USB ports, and the sensor bar port. The system also has a fan at the back for keeping the backside cool.

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