Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beach Spikers Butt Shots

We continue our look at Olympic style sports video game butt shots, by beginning a five day long look at beach volleyball games. We've already shown quite a few butt shots from beach volleyball games here, and here, but apparently beach volleyball is a popular sport to make in video game form, so we have a lot more butt shots to show you. Today's beach volleyball game is Beach Spikers as found on the Gamecube.

The American team showing a decent butt shot in the sand.
A pink bikini butt shot
Teammates with white spandex bikini bottoms giving us a good look at their butts.
The American team, again, giving us a look at only one of their butts.
I guess this team gets a little but too excited when they score a point.
A good butt shot from Team Banana Hammock (the yellow team)

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