Monday, August 18, 2008

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Butt Shots

While technically it is an officially licensed Olympic Game, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games is not your typical Olympic style video game, in that it features a walking, talking blue hedgehog, and an Italian plumber who wears overalls, shoes, and a hat in the swimming competitions. It is not what you would consider a "realistic" Olympic video game. Nonetheless it does have a few decent butt shots to look at.

There are several butt shots in this picture, as the contenders leap over the hurdles. Peach and Mario are probably the most noticeable ones.
Speaking of Princess Peach, here is a decent side view butt shot of her in her short shorts running across the finish line.
One of the Sonic characters making an appearance at the Olympic games is Blaze, showing off her butt below in her warm up suit.
And what would a Mario game be without Mario's brother Luigi making an appearance. Here Luigi shows off his buns in his overalls

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