Saturday, April 14, 2012

God of War Butt Shots

The God of War series is known for its hack and slash gameplay and over-the-top blood and gore graphics as the hero Kratos battles his way to Mount Olympus to kill the Gods. It is also known for its hidden mini-games that involve Kratos' encounters with certain women of the night. It is also known for being a series not shy about showing some skin, as can be witnessed in the screens below.

In the sequel, God of War II, Kratos is stabbed through the chest by Zeus after Zeus strips Kratos of the powers and weapons Kratos gained in the first God of War game. As Kratos' life flashes before his eyes, he sees a vision which includes the backside of his wife (whom he accidentally brutally murdered, along with his daughter, in events before the first game). She eerily twists her head around 180 degrees on her neck to tell Kratos (in the voice of Gaia) that he is not supposed to be there. But with a butt like hers, who wouldn't want to be there?

One of the many God of War mini-games has Kratos meeting up with some scantily clad women to entertain himself. The camera always pans off to the side of the action and the player in faced with a context minigame in which they have to press certain buttons that appear onscreen in order to proceed. If they succeed they are treated to moans and groans from Kratos and the women and a reward of green and red orbs. Even if they don't succeed at winning the context actions, they still win with a reward of copious amounts of booty.

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