Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Butt Shots

Spring is in the air and summer is fast approaching. This summer, all eyes in the world will turn to the London 2012 Olympic Games, and a lot of internet traffic will go towards searching for beach volleyball butt shots (we had a similar trend last Olympics during 2008). So why not beat the rush and start posting some butt shot pictures from Acclaim's 2003 PlayStation 2 game Summer Heat Beach Volleyball today? Why not indeed. Check out the booty-licious beach babes below.

Players take to the sand to smack some balls around while catching some rays in their skimpy bikinis.

Bum, set, spike... er, I mean, BUMP, set, spike.

The girl with the pink thong attempts to block the spike form the blue bikini babe.

Some high flying balls and high quality butt cheeks

Playing volleyball beach side beside the mega resort is all in a day's work when you're a professional beach babe

Pink Bikini Butt watches as her partner prepares to smack an oncoming ball.

A pair of side by side booties watch as the ball comes in for a bump

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