Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Butt Shots

Shadow Hearts: Covenant is a role-playing video game developed by Nautilus and published by Midway in 2004. It is a direct continuation of Shadow Hearts and the second official game in the Shadow Hearts series. The story starts a year and a half after the events of Shadow Hearts in the midst of World War I. The heroes are drawn into an intriguing plot involving the demons of demonolatry, the chief advisor of the tsar of Russia and a man from main character Yuri's past.

Karin Koenig is an officer in the German army and descendant of a long line of Bavarian nobility. Karin first encounters Yuri at the church in Domremy, when he saves her from an errant grenade. The picture below shows some concept art of Karin's character. Not exactly military issue clothes. However, we won't complain when it provides us a nice butt shot to include on this site.

Wallpaper of Karin reveals a bit of her story, as well as revealing her fine fanny, and her hefty chest.

Lucia is a master fortune-teller who is as popular for her beauty as her abilities. Lucia is sent by her mistress, Carla, with the party to train her abilities. She too, appears barely dressed in the concept art shown below.

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