Monday, April 9, 2012

Mai Shiranui Butt Shots

The red female ninja from the King of Fighters series, the sexy Mai Shiranui is a character who needs very little introduction... at least on this site. Most of you will recognize her as the bare bottomed beauty next to the Submit a Butt Shot text at the top of the page, as well as the chick disrobing her rump on the right sidebar. You can also check out some of her other animated adventures on our post here. We've even had a reader submit some butt shots of Mai (must have been influenced by her image next to the Submit a Butt Shot text) that you can check out here.

Today we have a few more images of Mai and her fine fighting fanny. Check them out.

Mai, as seen above next to the Submit a Butt Shot text, feels the need to shield herself with an umbrella, but clothes are optional.

A concept image of Mai has her lifting her robes to show her two firm butt cheeks...

... That same concept art has been taken and turned into figurine form for all to purchase and display on their desk.

Apparently Mai figurines are quite popular. Here is another one showing Mai in a different pose. This time she is flossing her thong up through her butt crack in a sexy wedgie.

A head on view of Mai and her mountainous booty cheeks

A side rump view of Mai

Close up of Mai's fingers tugging on her underwear.

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