Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Resident Evil Buttshots

Viewer P T submitted this screenshot below of Claire Redfield and her tight jeans booty from Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. We enjoyed the picture so much, that we decided to sift through our collection for other butt shots from the Resident Evil franchise.

Claire sure fills out her jeans well, in this character model for one of the previous Resident Evil games.

The original Resident Evil booty chick, Jill Valentine is all mean girl in Resident Evil 5. She isn't taking any cheek from anyone, but she sure is giving a lot in her skin tight commando suit.

Jill is prepared to take on the zombie apocalypse with her two round butt cheeks.

Sheva Alomar is the female lead in Resident Evil 5. Like the women of Resident Evil before her, she is tough as nails, yet curvy in all the right spots. Check out her butt in a a few of her alternative outfits below.

This is a random butt shot picture pulled from an internet forum. I guess when you have a horde of hungry undead zombies on the loose, someone is bound to get their legs and rump torn off from the rest of their body. Well, a butt shot is a butt shot.

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Your Lord and Master said...

It was going REALLY damn well until the last picture.

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