Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anarchy Reigns - Sasha Butt Shots

Even though we already had these butt shots in out possession, we'd like to thank viewer P T for bringing them to our attention, and motivating us to put them up today. P T is the one that sent in yesterday's butt shot of Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles game.

Today's butt shot comes from an upcoming Sega game called Anarchy Reigns. According to the Sega website: "ANARCHY REIGNS™ is an online multiplayer brawler, from the makers of BAYONETTA™ and VANQUISH™, PlatinumGames.

Set in the post-apocalyptic future, this is an over-the-top close combat fighting game, set in a massively open and fantastical world. Pick from an imaginative mix of human and cyborg characters and set out on a multiplayer challenge where anarchy reigns.

With a diverse range of multiplayer modes on offer, ANARCHY REIGNS pits players against each other in team co-op or last man standing battles."

One of the characters in Anarchy Reigns is Sasha, an ice queen who uses Snow Spike weapons to dismantle her opponents.She skates around in a skin tight spandex suit, which shows off her gracious booty.

The game is being developed by Platinum Games, the same development studio that brought us Bayonetta's fine booty last year.

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