Friday, June 10, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Butt Shots

Duke Nukem Forever finally gets released this week. After spending over a decade in development and limbo, including the bankruptcy of the development studio, Duke rises from the ashes to fulfill his destiny of gamer action. We've spotted some great action in the release trailer of the game, and present a few butt shots from various characters (and strippers - what would be a Duke Nukem game without strippers) in the game.

These girls are waiting outside the video game store for the midnight release of Duke Nukem Forever. When the game was first announced, most of these girls were eating paste with the fat kid in second grade. (That's a joke about how long the game has been in development)

Eager to catch a glimpse of Duke, the girls wait outside the doors... giving us all a glimpse at their fine, fine booties.

The Duke Nukem Stripper butt shot. This chick rocks her round rump up on stage for the paying customers.

A great side cheek shot of this stripper as she gets a little acquainted with the pole.

Butt shot #3 stripper is clothed in the shadows of the backside of the stage.

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