Monday, October 10, 2011

Even More Cammy Cosplay Butt Shots

With the number of posts on this site featuring pictures of Cammy cosplayers showing off their butts, you'd think that we would just start up a whole separate blog solely dedicated to pictures of Cammy cosplayers. But we won't. Instead we will just post some more pictures here for your enjoyment. Today's batch of Cammy butt shots is just a random gathering of unknown Cosplayers (with the exception of the first picture), who share the common hobby of dressing up in tight, butt flossing spandex and parading around at video game, comic book and anime expos. And we are sure glad that they do.

This picture below is that of Raychul Moore. We featured her butt and Xbox controller on a post here on our site and she was kind enough to send us some more pictures of her butt, that we then posted here on our site. This picture is another from her Cammy cosplay portfolio and features her round cheeks being bifurcated by the green spandex body suit.

This Cammy poses in the hotel lobby as she plans to check in before the convention. I love the bored look on the clerk's face behind the counter.

This blue Cammy cosplayer shows off her cheeks in the hallway.

The two round cheeks of this Cammy cosplayer stand ready for a fight.

This Cammy cosplayer poses in a warehouse with red and blue barrels... You ever notice how every player vs player video game features a red team vs a blue team?

Cammy takes a break against the industrial elevator letting her booty all hang out.

I'm pretty sure the hair extensions are fake, but the booty sure looks to be round and genuine.

EDIT: November 2012 -Be sure to check out more cosplay pictures on our new sister site, Video Game Cosplay. Or, if your looking for some NSFW pictures of a nude Cammy Cosplay, then check out this post on our Video Game Boobs blog.

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