Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Viewer Submission: CrimeCraft

A Video Game Butt Shot blog reader by the name of "Hatsume" sent us a whole bunch of butt shots a while ago... So many but shots, in fact, that we couldn't post them all up in one shot. Instead we will be presenting a couple at a time over the next few days. Here is the first bunch of but shots from from a game called CrimeCraft.

CrimeCraft is an online persistent world shooter game set in the near future where the world lies in anarchy and gangs have replaced governments. CrimeCraft revolves around gang warfare, combining role-playing elements as well as an MMO environment. A large, persistent city acts as the game’s lobby where players can form gangs, accept missions and buy new weapons. Players can create their own character and then partake in gang battles and other gameplay elements. From the screenshots sent to us by Hatsume, players can apparently clothe their characters in as little as a sports bra and panties.

This chick roams the streets of the city, looking for some gang warfare to engage in.

Her underwear appears to be pretty well engaged between her butt cheeks, as she waits outside the shop for more players to join in.

She wanders the streets in the dark of night with no place to hide a gun... I'm not sure what kind of gang activities she will be participating in?

The game features realistic lighting affects, as seen below. The streetlight casts some well defining shadows across her backside.

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