Saturday, October 29, 2011

Viewer Submission - X-Blades Ayumi

One of our loyal fans by the name of Dion, who has submitted butt shots to us here and here, sent us another fine set off butt cheeks via e-mail the other day... One problem, though, was that we had already set up a draft X-Blades post of our own with our own images we had gathered. We noticed that our images were the same as some of those same images that were contributed. Not wanting to feel like we were ripping off one of our viewers without giving them credit, we put up our post of images yesterday mentioning that there would be more X-Blades images to come today. So today we present the whole butt load of images that were sent into us by Dion, as well as a few of his captions and comments. (Dion's comments are in this font)

This contribution "Ayumi" from the hack-n-slash game "X-Blades" (2009) for XBox 360, PS3, and PC. "X-Blades" was made by Russian game developer "Gaijin Entertainment". It is essentially the P.N.03 of hack-n-slashes, ass obsession and all.

There is a series re-boot called "Blades of Time" coming out Q1 of 2012.

OMG, Becky, look at her...blades.
 Official Ayumi render. I think a lot of time went into rendering her round rump
Dion tells us he captured these screenshots from his Xbox and PC. That's some amazing dedication on his part.

Ayumi keeps her butt safe from the foreboding skull on the wall
 A close up of Ayumi's perfect posterior in battle.
 Ayumi may appear trapped in the canyon, but at least her butt cheeks are free from being trapped by pants
"You were looking at my bum weren't you? Bum looker! Cheeky Monkey!"

 Ayumi's cheeks are so round, they glisten in the light...
 ...and help her to defend against floating ghost enemies.
 The energy of Ayumi's ass explodes against her enemies (that phrase has a little bit different meaning around the office here after having tacos for lunch)

Thanks again to our viewer Dion for sending in some butt shots. We really do appreciate our readers. If you have a butt shot you would like to submit, send it to us

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