Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nintendo Underwear Butt Shots

Sometimes you just want to show how much you love your favorite video game company by putting their name on your underwear and then parading around in said underwear for all to see. We think it's quite a novel idea, and we just wish more people like those below would attempt it, take pictures of it, and put them up on the internet for us to see.

This first butt shot picture has been the subject of several demotivational posters with the line "Tell the Truth, You noticed word Nintendo first"

This second butt shot has a much rounder and more full look and appearance to it. The ever so slight wedgie makes the cheeks stand out against the grey undies.

Grey underwear, just like the grey NES console. If it doesn't work at first, just blow on it.

And what good is it to have Nintendo underwear if you don't wear them while you play Nintendo games? This chick below has the full underwear gaming experience.

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