Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Street Fighter - Cammy Cosplay Butt Shots - Alisa Farrington

You may remember this image above from the most popular post of all time on this blog, the Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay page. Well, we figured that since that page was so popular, that we would give you more of what you want! We aim to please the masses! Check out some more pictures of the bootylicous Alisa Farrington (AKA AlisaKiss) in her Cammy Cosplay outfit below. And check back again tomorrow and over the next few days as we present even more Cammy Cosplay pictures.

We originally posted only 2 photos of Alisa Kiss in her Cammy costume. We have been able to find 3 more pictures of Alisa in that Booty-tastic costume. The famous Cammy booty shot on the bed (above) that we originally posted was a doctored photo that someone had done to add in Cammy's leg camo paint, lengthen the braid in her hair and add a bit of boob peaking out from over her arm. Below is the original image without the enhancements.

Here is the same sweet booty shot that we posted last time... posted again just for good measure.

And now, a new Cammy Cosplay butt shot of Alisa Farrington... Sitting on the bed with a seductive look in her eyes.

Cammy shows some sweet cheek action relaxing on the bed.

Cammy lies on her front to give us all a great view of her behind

With her camo leg paint on, Cammy is ready to hit the convention and mingle with sweaty comic book and video game nerds.
EDIT: November 2012 -Be sure to check out more cosplay pictures on our new sister site, Video Game Cosplay. Or, if your looking for some NSFW pictures of a nude Cammy Cosplay, then check out this post on our Video Game Boobs blog.


Your Lord and Master said...

Alisa Farrington + Cammy. Not a dry set of pants in the entire world...

Blogger said...

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