Friday, September 23, 2011

Prince of Persia Butt Shots

Today we have a few butt shot pictures from some of the recent Prince of Persia video games. The Prince of Persia franchise was created by Jordan Mechner and was originally developed for and released on the Apple II Computer in 1989. The original game and its first sequel were 2D platform games, but the series made the switch to three-dimensional following the release of Prince of Persia 3D in 1999. The series has been more prolific in recent years, with Ubisoft taking control of the development and release of several new games. These butt shots come from the more recent games.

A new trilogy of Prince of Persia games was released for the Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube generation of platforms. The butt shot below of the Prince was taken from the Sands of Time, Warrior Within or the Two Thrones... I think it's the Sands of Time, but can't be for sure, since I haven't played the game. But anyway, you can check out the Prince's Aladdin like butt below... or you can check out the butt of the girl he's following, whatever floats you boat.

The butt shot below was taken from the newer Prince of Persia game released for the Playstation 3 generation of platforms, and featured characters in a more comic book type art style. The new art still allows for some decent butt shots, though.

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