Friday, June 1, 2012

Viewer Submission - Harley Quinn's Revenge Butt Shots

New DLC for Batman: Arkham City released this week under the title of Harley Quinn's Revenge. The DLC stands as an extension of the original game, taking place a couple of months after the original story ended. Villain Harley Quinn, has it out for Batman, due to events that occurred in Arkham City. And thanks to our reader Mauricio Leiva, we have some nice pictures of Harley's backside that document her retribution.

In her tight booty enhancing pants, Harley stalks the Dark Knight through the burning building.

Batman, catches Harley before she can strike, but not before she could mesmerize us with her shiny backside.

1 comment:

RikkusGuardian said...

Wow! Definitely some great shots of Harley! Keep up the sexy work!

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