Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Butt Shots of Girls Playing Video Games Part 1

We made a post a few days ago about how women and video games are few of the favorite things that the average warm-blooded guy enjoys the most... We decided that since most warm blooded guys would probably enjoy this blog (and since we are warm blooded guys) that we would post some more "Nerdcore" butt shots pictures of women and video games. We've had a few similar posts in the past, most specifically the Xbox Controller and the Atari Console butt shots.

College Humor is always a good source of cute butt shots. Luckily they also happened to have a few good ones that feature butts and video game hardware. Here's one of some side cheek in blue undies with an original Xbox controller in hand.

This girl takes her Halo serious, not even stopping to but a top on... but she does let her booty hang all out around her thong.

This girl in the frilly pink panties lets her butt cheeks breathe while she has a go at Legend of Zelda

Another girl takes a shot at some Covenant enemies in Halo while we all take a shot of her backside.

Another thong and some more side cheek action from this girl and her DS

This pic is courtesy of Jo Garcia, Playboy's Gamer Next Door. Here she tries her luck at the hoola hoop mini-game from Wii Fit.

This girl, who goes by the name of Chase the Hottie tries her luck at Ms. Pac Man. The way her underwear cuts up through her butt cheeks, it almost looks like her backside could pass for Pac Man.

A full on moon from Ms. Hottie.

Front Magazine, one of the UK's premier gentlemen's magazine is also known for featuring fine women in various situations. We've managed to find a few decent butt shots of girls and video games, like the one below of some guitar hero hotties. Check out the cheeks through the mesh underwear on the left side.
The girls without shirts above are nothing to this girl here, who decided that her pants were chaffing her a bit too much, and went commando to play some Super Nintendo.

Bailey, from her Room, posted some pics of herself trying to play Guitar Hero in a thong. Strum away Bailey.
If you enjoy this type of Nerdcore entertainment of hot girls with video games, then be sure to check out our uncensored NSFW Video Game Boobs blog

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